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Cleo Corey


Cleo Corey

Certified Trauma Coach
I am a professional and certified Christian trauma coach. My goal is to enable you to overcome negative thoughts, as well as feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, that result from life trauma. I will combine my powerful ability to listen with empathy and compassion, with trauma I have faced in my life, to guide our coaching partnership. Using a proven combination of coaching, educating, and biblical truth, I will help you through the process of emotional excavation and a return to a happier life. I will explore and help to heal those deep emotional wounds within you, and put you on a fresh path toward healing and realization of your true identity. Collectively we will reach the goal of becoming a whole person, healthy in person, spirit, mind, and body.

How May I Help You?

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Removing Obstacles

We all have places in our life where we are blocked. Working together, we will identify those blocks and find ways for you to overcome them.


Be Your Best Self

Life is full of opportunities, and it is my job to help you figure out which opportunities to take advantage of in order to live the life you want.

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Live Your Dreams

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. Once you have a plan, a coach will help you stick to it and get around any obstacles.

Work With Me

I help ladies who had abortion or in the process of considering abortion. I am here to give you a safe nonjudgmental place to heal your wounds and to see what brought you to this decisions and how to encourage you on a new path. I will pray, nurture, educate, compassion for you each step.

Tools You Need to Flourish at Life

I want to empower you to be your best self in all aspects of life. I provide friendly and constructive coaching to help you reach your full potential.

Take Control and Plan for The Future

I will help you realize your goals and provide you with a roadmap to not only reach them but accomplish much more.

Prioritize Your Time and Relationships

Life can be busy and stressful. I want to give you the coaching and tools you need to maximize your personal and professional relationships, and to give yourself the time you need and deserve.